Starting Early

We know what it takes to help get your child ready for kindergarten and make the transition smoothly without putting too much pressure on them. 

Kindergarten Readiness Program

  • Offered 5 days each week for half-a-day. (morning only)

  • Child Age: Turning 4 by September 1st of the school year.

  • Time: 8:30 to 11:30. If the parent desires their child to remain at school after 11:30 am, the child will join the traditional preschool class from 11:30 -3:30. Cost is an additional $200 a month.

  • Daycare will be provided 7:00 am to 8:30 am and 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at $4.50 an hour


Liberty Christian’s Kindergarten Readiness Program maintains the highest standards when it comes to preparing children for Kindergarten. We offer a 5 day-a-week program that offers a Christ-centered educational approach to learning. Our learning environment contains a kindergarten-readiness structure while remaining play-based and developmentally appropriate. Our program offers a teacher facilitated, hands-on approach to learning.  We offer an educationally rich theme-based environment that provides opportunities for learning through exploration, investigation, and immersion. We incorporate literacy, math, and sciences through our daily activities. Our program will continue to solidify the areas of growth necessary for success in your child’s next level of learning: such as, spiritual, cognitive, social/emotional, speech/language, and fine and gross motor skills. Spiritually, our goal is to equip each child with a basic foundation in the faith, helping them to experience the love of God through example, as well as encouraging them to develop good morals and character.


  • Weekly Bible themes

  • Daily lessons

  • Workbook and projects


  • Recognition of letters Aa-Zz and their phonetic sound

  • Writing letters Aa-Zz

  • Writing child’s full name


Share Days: describing their ”share” to the class
Daily chores: describing the weather, calendar, stories

  • Working on site words

  • Sign Language

  • Simple Spanish words


  • Counting numbers 1 through 30

  • Reconnection & understanding concept 1-50

  • Master colors and shapes

  • Sorting into particular categories

  • Addition and Subtraction

Social Science:

  • Social Skills

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Families

  • Transportation

  • Animals

  • Holidays

  • Ocean Life

  • Etc.

Daily Activities Include:

  • Development of large and small motor skills

  • Dramatic play

  • Free play

  • Centers with hands-on-manipulatives

  • Arts & Crafts

Field Trips    

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Care Home

  • Turtle Bay

  • On campus visitors

  • Holiday Celebration

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.
— Benjamin Franklin