The more that you read, the more things you will know.
— Dr. Seuss

Reading is Fun!

We, here at Liberty Christian School, want your child to reach their potential. One area that is very important is their reading skills. The better a child reads, the better their grades are in other subjects. Therefore, we would like to encourage our students to read for fun over the summer months. This program is to encourage students to read over the summer. Then, when school begins in August there will be a special assembly to reward those who have reached various levels of reading!

The program works like this: Your child reads a book of their choice, at their reading ability, and then fills out the Summer Reading Report form for each book. These report forms can be turned into the office at anytime throughout the summer but no later than the first Wednesday of school in the Fall.

Reading requirements change for each grade level. We will calculate the number of books read by the total number of pages read – not the individual titles. For example, a student entering First Grade needs to read 20 pages to qualify for one book. Students going into Second Grade have levels of 40 pages. Students going into Third Grade have levels of 50 pages. Students going into Fourth Grade have levels of 75 pages. Students going into Fifth Grade have levels of 100 pages.

Download the Summer Reading Report!

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