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If you are considering a Christian Education for your Child or If you want to support Christian education, please consider supporting Liberty Christian School. 

To Donate to our school:

  • Please Call: 530-222-2232

  • OR You can mail a check to our school at 2970 Hartnell Ave, Redding, CA 96002.

As a nation we are seeing the effects of academic decline, spiritual suffocation, and cultural decay. Globally the US ranks 17th in Science and 25th in Math and  60% of graduates fall short of college readiness benchmarks. 1 in 4 high schools students admit to being offered illegal drugs. 44% of adults have left their faith and marriage rates are at a hundred year low. Liberty Christian School is committed to stemming that tide.  Our focus is academic excellence and Spiritual formation.

We invite you to consider Christian education for your child.  Give us a call at 222-2232 for more information.

Liberty Christian School

Committed to Excellence.  Committed to Christ.