Welcome To English!

The skills learned in these classes are vital to life after high school.  I would argue that these are the most important skills they will learn.  They have application in every class a student will ever take and transition into the workplace and conducting the business of adult life.  No matter the course you take following high school, you will need to read and communicate.  The more you read, the better writer and speaker you will be.

We will be studying language, its development, and its proper use.  We will read and analyze literature and its application to our lives.  We will think critically and engage in respectful debate.

English I

For this class, we will work together to study Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar.  We begin high school with an overview of literature from many genres and cultures.  We will use everything we learn from those studies to write papers and give presentations.


This year we will build on the Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar from the previous year.  We will study World Literature and use all skills to write papers and give presentations.


We will again build on the Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar skills learned the previous year.  We will study American Literature and use all skills to write papers and give presentations. 


For the final year of high school, we should have all the spelling skills we need, but we will continue to study Vocabulary and Grammar.  We will study British Literature and apply these skills to the writing of papers and giving presentations.  By the second semester, we will be conducting this class much like a college course so my students are properly prepared.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.
— 2 Timothy 2:15

Classroom Expectations

1.           Listen – plain and simple.  Listen to whoever is speaking, whether it is the teacher providing instructions, or a peer posing a question or giving feedback.  Practice active listening.

2.         Enter and exit Prepared – Come to class on time, with the necessary materials and a mindset to learn, and leave with the information you need to further your learning.

3.         Always try your BEST – I promise to give my very best to this class, and in return, I expect the same from you.

4.       Respect yourself and others – put downs, of any kind, will not be tolerated within this classroom.  Give the same respect to others, as you would like to be given.  This includes possessions as well as people.

5.         No EXCUSES! – period.  Be responsible and be mature.